Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings

Deep groove radial bearings are the most common type of rolling element bearing. They have a single row of balls held in place by a cage, usually made of steel that rotates between two rings with polished raceways. The design allows for axial and radial loading while operating at high speeds. These radial bearings often come with shields or seals to protect the inside of the bearing from contamination in the application.

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6000 Series Extra Light Ball Bearings >

This series features extra light bearings that are normally used in applications where space limitations are a concern and shaft sizes are relatively large

6200 Series – Light Ball Bearings >

This series features deep-honed raceways resulting in a perfectly balanced bearing.

6300 Series – Medium Ball Bearings >

This series is similar to the 6200 series, but has a larger ball complement and heavier races allowing greater radial and thrust combined load capacity for a given bore size.

6000 Series Ball Bearing Interchange Tables >