CPC’s AR/HR Ball Type Linear Guide Series design incorporates four rows of re-circulation steel balls arranged in the O-type and 45º contact angle with the raceway. The rigidity of track rail under moment and torsion is very much increased by adopted the O-type design.
Although it is same in dimension constrain, devise larger diameter and more amount of steel balls, provide higher load capacities, moments and rigidity owing to its design.

  • Environment protection and economic lubrication Long-term maintenance free, minimum amount of lubrication.
  •  Inject or replenish grease in all directions.
  •  High rigidity structure.
  •  Excellent dynamic function : Vmax > 5 m/s, amax >300m/s².
  •  Higher dynamic load and static moment capacities.
  •  Equal load capacities in any directions.
  •  Lightweight and compact slide block.
  •  Interchangeability.
  •  Available for vertical (downward) and reverse  (upward) bolting track rail.
  •  Steel made scraper is standard function.
  •  Dust protection of double wipe blade design in the end seal have Standard type and reinforcement type.
  •  Available for special treatment of surface.

Ecological lubrication design (Eco-System) :
Embedded lubrication storage directly lubricate steel balls, a minimum lubricant can achieve long effectiveness lubrication, reducing cost of maintenance, the performance of the Eco-system is even more noticeable in short-stroke operations.

Stainless Steel Reinforcement Plates Produces High Performance
The block is designed with fully covered by two stainless steel reinforcement plates over the two plastic end caps, not only act as structural reinforcement and as a scraper, but also allows the block to operate at much higher running speeds; up to 5 m/s.