Miniature Bearing Materials

  • Cages/Retainers


    Designs and materials used for the retainers are suited to the task. Our two-piece ribbon retainer is sufficient in the majority of cases. The following […]

  • Silicone Nitride

    Silicon nitride performs much better than steel in rolling contact fatigue making it an ideal rolling element material for bearings. It is significantly harder with […]

  • Enclosures (Shield and Seal Types)

    Sealing devices are designed to prevent the ingress of contaminants and to retain grease in the bearing. Seals can be loosely defined into two groups: […]

  • Chromex 40

    Chromex 40 steel is the result of nearly 50 years experience working in and meeting the demands of the bearing industry. It is now more […]

  • Miniature Bearing Materials

    Miniature Bearing Materials

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