Miniature Bearings

Miniature bearings carry moderate radial and thrust loads at low operating torque and provide high performance within small envelope designs. Pacific International Bearing offers a complete line of miniature bearings that are available in chrome and stainless steel and Chromex 40 (subject to minimum quantity orders) with either crown or ribbon type retainers. Bearings are also available open or shielded, flanged or unflanged, and with a variety of seal options to suit any engineering need.

  • Noise Testing

    The abbreviation GPR stands for 100% noise-tested ball bearings. We test the amplitude of the vibrations generated┬áby the ball bearings at the set speeds and […]

  • Fits Procedure

    Fits Procedure

    The tolerances of the inner ring bore diameter and of the outside diameter of the inner ring are defined in accordance with international standards. The […]

  • Cages/Retainers


    Designs and materials used for the retainers are suited to the task. Our two-piece ribbon retainer is sufficient in the majority of cases. The following […]

  • Silicone Nitride

    Silicon nitride performs much better than steel in rolling contact fatigue making it an ideal rolling element material for bearings. It is significantly harder with […]

  • Enclosures (Shield and Seal Types)

    Sealing devices are designed to prevent the ingress of contaminants and to retain grease in the bearing. Seals can be loosely defined into two groups: […]

  • Chromex 40

    Chromex 40 steel is the result of nearly 50 years experience working in and meeting the demands of the bearing industry. It is now more […]

  • Miniature Bearing Materials

    Miniature Bearing Materials

    Balls Chrome Steel Stainless Steel Silicon Nitride (Ceramic) > Rings Chrome Steel Stainless Steel Chromex 40 > Enclosures > Cages/Retainers >

  • NMB Ball Bearings – Full Catalog PDF

  • NMB Ball Bearings – Basic Info PDF

    NMB Ball Bearings – Basic Info PDF

  • NMB Ball Bearings – Metric Series PDF

    NMB Ball Bearings – Metric Series PDF