NAME General grease Diester grease Silicone grease Cup grease Fibre grease Mobile grease Mixed base grease Complex Base grease Non-Soap Base
THICKENING AGENT Li soap Ca Soap Na soap Al soap Ca+Na Soap.ect. Li complex Soap,ect Benton Silica gel Urea
LUBRICANT BASE Mineral Diester Silicone Mineral Mineral Mineral Mineral Mineral Mineral or Synthetic oil
TEXTURE Buttery Fibrous or buttery Buttery Fibrous or Buttery Thready or Buttery Buttery Fibrous or Buttery Buttery
DROP POINT (°C) 170~190 220~260 80~100 160~180 70~90 150~180 180~300 230~
OPERATING TEMP. RANGE (°C) -30~ +120 -50~ +130 -50~ +180 -10~ +70 0~ +110 -10~ +80 -10~ +120 -20~ +130 -10~ +150
WATER RESISTANCE Good Good Poor Good Poor (in case of Na) Good Good Good Fair Good
MECHANICAL STABILITY Good Fair Good Fair Good Good Good Good Fair~poor Good
CHARACTERISTICS Typical all-purpose
grease. Widely used in medium & small bearings.Suitable for low operating temps.
Wide operating temps. From
low to high. Mainly for light loads.
Water included as a structural
stabilizer. Unsuit-able for high temps.
Emulsification phenomenon
occurs with water. Used with relatively
high temps.
Suitable for vibration because
of its good viscosity.
Suitable for large sized
Suitable for high temp. and
heavy loads.
Good for high temps and heavy
Poor water resistance. Suitable
for high temps.
Good for high temps.