PIB Sales GRW Bearings

German-made GRW miniature bearings are synonymous with precision, dependability and smooth performance. These features are exemplified with its use in the microelectronics and instrument l fields.

Flexible manufacturing facilities allow GRW to provide services for special bearings in addition to standard precision, sizes and materials. Special requests can be made for shapes, lubricants, treatments and hybrid bearings – steel rings with ceramic balls. Modern production methods also allow GRW to have short development and reasonable lead-times for their products.

GRW standard sizes include 1mm-17mm bore metric and inch sizes .04” to .375”. Additionally, GRW manufactures spindle and angular contact bearings with 15° contact angle.


[box]GRW Product Catalog  – 2.2 M | PDF[/box]

[box]GRW Lubricants for Miniature Bearings[/box]

[box] GRW Spec Sheet – 239k | PDF[/box]