Spindle ball bearings are angular contact ball bearings which, depending on the type, have a relieved land on the inner ring (AC2) or the outer ring (AC1). Axial forcers can thus only be accepted in one direction. Spindle ball bearings can be used as single ball bearings or as ball bearing pairs in back to back, face to face or tandem arrangement.

GRW spindle ball bearings have the following characteristics:

  • Production in high-precision quality (grade P5, P4, P2 or ABEC5, ABEC7, ABEC9
  • One-part solid phenolic retainer
  • Larger number of balls than in standard ball bearings
  • Contact angle 15° (other angles available upon request)
  • Available with steel ball or ceramic balls
  • The preload for ball bearing pairs is selected according to the applied load (light, medium or heavy preload)
  • Spindle ball bearings are generally lubricated with oil

These characteristics allow the ball bearings to run very accurately at high speeds. At the same time these ball bearings are very rigid and have minimum vibration levels.

 The standard type is:


Relieved on outer ring shoulder, ball bearing cannot be disassembled, solid phenolic retainer guided on outer ring. Ball bearings with removable inner rings are available upon request.