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Ball Screw Support Bearings

BS200 (ISO 02) and BS Special Size bearings are particularly suitable for precision applications with predominantly axial loads, due to their high axial rigidity and load capacity.

BS bearing are manufactured to class ABEC 7 with reduced axial runout error of 2.5 mm.

This high degree of precision translates into:

  • constant torque and uniform rotation even at high preload
  • limited axial position error
  • low operating temperature.

Similarly to the precision angular contact ball bearings described so far, BS bearings are supplied either individually or in sets to better satisfy a wide range of different applications.

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Ball Screw Cartridge Units

Another effective solution for ballscrews is the use of BSDU and BSQU cartridges, containing two and four BS200 bearings respectively, with different arrangements, as shown, or to specific requirements.

Cartridges can be easily assembled, and allow high precision and rigidity. They are well sealed and lubricated for a long life.

BSQU/1 cartridges, supplied on request, differ from standard BSQUs in the position of the clamping flange. In this case, they contain four BS200 in any combination.