PIB is an authorized distributor of Kaydon thin section bearings and slewing rings. With Kaydon products PIB offers better, more integrated solutions for its customers in a wide range of applications including medical, semiconductor, automation, wind energy, material handling and machine tool.

[box] Kaydon – Application Guide 739 K | PDF [/box]

Thin Section Bearings – Thinfinite® Solutions

Kaydon’s thin section bearings solutions save weight and space, increase engineering flexibility, reduce friction and provide excellent running accuracy. Many industries find thin section bearing advantageous, from applications in the robotics industry to semiconductor manufacturing equipment – all benefit from the features of thin section bearings.

[box]Kaydon – Thin Section Catalog 5.8 M | PDF[/box]

Slewing Ring Bearings – Slewinfinite® Solutions

Slewing rings are ideal for heavy-duty applications that require significant load-carrying capacity like the requirements needed in wind turbines. Other demanding applications where slewing rings can make a difference include industrial machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, heavy equipment, and renewable energy.

[box] Kaydon – Slewing Ring Bearing 7.5 M | PDF [/box]