Lubricant selection has a direct effect on bearing life; therefore, great care must be taken in choosing the most suitable lubrication method for each application. A dedicated and trained sales staff at PIB is always available to assist you in this important selection process.

Why Use Lubrication?

The addition of lubrication prevents corrosion of rolling elements, bearing rings and cages and also prevents the ingress of contaminants and moisture into the bearing.

Lubrication decreases rolling friction between the raceway and the rolling elements, sliding friction between the rolling elements and cage slide friction of guide surface between the cage and the bearing ring.

Lubrication also dissipates heat generated inside the bearing as well as heat conducted from the outside, thus preventing overheating and deterioration of the bearing.

Required characteristics of lubricants:

  • Low friction and abrasion
  • High stability against heat, good thermal conductivity
  • Strong oil film
  • Non-corrosive
  • Provide a good barrier against dust and moisture
  • Maintain a stable viscosity

There are two types of lubricant: oil or grease. It is important to select the correct type of lubricant and lubricant method for each application and its conditions.


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