The NB Slide Shaft was developed to achieve greater accuracy in roundness, cylindricity, surface finishing, and linear travel. Heat treated in both axial and radial directions, NB Slide Shaft come in both high-carbon chromium bearing steel or Martensite stainless steel for maximum performance quality. In addition, our precision machining capabilities offer you a variety of specially engineered custom shafts, such as spindle and roll shafts, to meet your special requirement.

NB Slide Shafts feature reliable, high precision roundness cylindicity, straightness, and surface finish. Fig. 1 and 2 show examples of measurement results for roundness and surface finish, respectively.

Heat Treatment
NB Slide Shafts are annealed, quenched and tempered by processing techniques and skills developed by . The heat treatment assures the Slide Shafts uniform hardness in both radial and axial directions, developing an appropriate layer. The Martensite stainless steel (SUS 440C) is also subjected to a sophisicated heat treatment to suppress distortion, assuring a uniform hardened layer and sufficient hardness.


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