A property of precision angular contact ball bearings is that they allow the creation of groups of two or more units to obtain much higher load capacity and more rigid assembly with the same overall diameter.

Features of SNFA Sets 

The performance of bearing sets depends mostly on the accuracy of the matching operation.

Single Universal Bearings “U”

Bearings subject to selected axial preload (light [L], medium [M] or heavy [F]) and having flush side faces under preload are classed as Universal [U].


Preload can be defined as axial load applied permanently to bearings to ensure proper operation under external load. Preload can be rigid, as in the case of opposed bearings with our without spacers, or elastic, using springs.

Limiting Axial Load 

Limiting axial load, Pd, is the external axial load of a preloaded bearing pair or set that causes loss of contact between the balls and race in preload bearings.


Axial rigidity Ra varies as contact angle and bearing preload vary


The addition of spacers between the bearings of a set may be necessary