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  • Angular Contact Bearing Spacers

    Angular Contact Bearing Spacers

    The addition of spacers between the bearings of a set may be necessary when the following is required: increased angular rigidity by separating the bearing […]

  • Angular Contact Rigidity

    Axial Rigidity Rigidity RA of an angular contact ball bearing is the external axial load causing 1 micron displacement (daN/mm). Ra of a bearing pair […]

  • Angular Contact Preload

    Preload can be defined as axial load applied permanently to bearings to ensure proper operation under external load. Preload can be rigid, as in the […]

  • SNFA Angular Contact Bearing Limiting Axial Load

    SNFA Angular Contact Bearing Limiting Axial Load

    Limiting axial load, Pd, is the external axial load of a preloaded bearing pair or set that causes loss of contact between the balls and […]

  • SNFA Universal Bearings

    Bearings subject to selected axial preload (light [L], medium [M] or heavy [F]) and having flush side faces under preload are classed as Universal [U]. […]

  • Features of SNFA Bearing Sets

    The performance of bearing sets depends mostly on the accuracy of the matching operation. To satisfy this condition SNFA bearing sets are made up as […]