Thin Section Bearings have a combination of unique features that make them the best choice for SME applications. We carry a variety of thin bearing types from INA to Angular Contact Bearings as well as Slewing Rings. Please contact us with any Thin Section questions.

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Light Weight

Thin section bearings offer a significant weight savings compared to “Light” and “Extra Light” series bearings.

Compact Design

The compact, space saving design of thin section bearings allows you engineer rotating devices that are smaller, simpler and lighter.

Precision Tolerances

Thin section bearings are manufactured in a range of precision classes for optimal precision and design flexibility.

High Temperature Ratings

With a wide selection of materials and lubricants available, the bearings are suitable for processing temperatures up to 250°F with full capacity, and special materials for higher temperature applications.

Vacuum Compatibility

If your SME application involves operations that take place in a vacuum environment, we’ll be happy to provide specifications on our standard bearing materials to determine outgassing characteristics. Special materials and processing are available to meet specific vacuum requirements.

Chemical Compatibility

We can recommend special materials, protective surface treatments, or special processing for semiconductor processing environments where bearings may be exposed to corrosive chemicals (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.).

Special Surface Treatments

We offer a variety of special surface treatments to meet a wide range of processing conditions and environments.

When ordering, please add suffix ARO for Type A, CPO for Type C and XPO for Type X.