Ewellix Linear Motion Solutions

The Schaeffler Group has done it again this time acquiring Ewellix, a global leader in linear motion and actuation solutions. Ewellix headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, continues its 50-year legacy of linear product engineering excellence.


Ewellix headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, continues its 50-year legacy of linear product engineering excellence. Ewellix products like all Schaeffler lines are available for purchase through Pacific International Bearing Sales Inc.

About Ewellix

Ewellix excels in the design and manufacture of linear motion and actuation systems aimed at industrial automation, assembly automation, medical technology, robotics and mobile machinery. Formerly an SKF Group company, Ewellix presently operates as part of the Schaeffler Group. 

Ewellix is strategically positioned adding immense value to the Schaeffler Linear product line, operating 8 manufacturing facilities and 16 sales offices worldwide. 

The core of Ewellix’s offering is its comprehensive range of linear motion and actuation products. These products include high-precision linear guides, actuators, and ball and roller screws.  Ewellix linear products can be customized to meet specific requirements in high precision medical equipment applications.

Ewellix continues to invest in research and development, pressing forward with innovations that integrate digital technologies and smart systems.

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Ewellix Products

Ewellix’s wide range of products are designed to improve the performance of machines from basic components to complex systems. Ewellix provides customizable solutions offering three levels of customization depending on the complexity and requirements of the application:

  • Standard Customization involves minimal modifications to adapt existing products for straightforward applications.
  • Intermediate Customization requires more significant adjustments and collaborative input to meet specific client needs.
  • Extensive Customization is for particular customer specifications, for instances where unique solutions are needed. 

These customization options ensure that Ewellix’s offerings are adaptable to a wide range of industrial applications,

Ewillix Linear Products

Ewellix offers ball and roller screws designed for high precision in linear motion applications. 

The roller screws from Ewellix are available in diameters ranging from 8 mm to 240 mm, with lead options from 1 mm to 50 mm. They are specifically engineered to accommodate dynamic loads up to 3,994 kN, which makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications where both high dynamics and prolonged life are crucial.

Similarly, Ewellix’s precision ball screws are available in diameters from 6 mm to 63 mm (or from 0.625 to 4 inches in imperial units), with leads ranging from 1 mm to 50 mm (or 0.1 to 0.75 inches). These ball screws can handle dynamic loads up to 3,994 kN or 84,000 lbf, ensuring high performance under substantial load and speed. This range is particularly tailored for applications that demand high-speed, accurate linear movement and are frequently utilized in high-tech environments like CNC machinery and precision assembly operations.

Fig. 1. Ewillix Support Bearings
Fig. 1. Ewillix Support Bearings

Support bearings, with diameters from 12 mm to 100 mm. These are preloaded with angular contact ball bearings to ensure that the load carrying capacity is optimally matched between the bearing and the screw. This compatibility significantly enhances the assembly’s performance by ensuring stability and smooth operation.

The linear guide product line includes linear bearings, units, and shafts, miniature profiled rail guides, ball profiled rail guides and precision rail guides. Each type is designed to meet specific application requirements: 

Ewillix Linear bearings, units and shafts
Fig. 2 Ewillix Linear bearings, units and shafts

Linear bearings, units, and shafts are available in sizes from 3 mm to 80 mm and are engineered to provide the most effective seal on round shafts. Their design minimizes sensitivity to misalignment, increasing their reliability and suitability for various mechanical setups that require both precision and heavy duty cycles.

Miniature profile rail guides optimized for compact spaces where precision is critical, these rail guides feature the zero rail concept in sizes 7 through 15. They incorporate a unique, secure ball retention system that provides low noise and smooth operation, making them ideal for applications in the medical and semiconductor industries.

Ball profile rail guides are the most widely used type in the Ewellix range, these guides offer versatility and reliability for a wide range of applications. Available in sizes 15 to 45, they feature both side and internal seals to improve durability and performance and are suitable for both heavy industrial machinery and precision instruments.

Precision rail guides used in applications requiring the highest accuracy, Ewellix precision rail guides provide the lowest friction with the highest rigidity. Available in a wide range of customizable sizes, these guides are perfect for high-precision fields such as aerospace and robotics, where accurate motion is paramount.

Ewillix Miniature profile rail guides
Fig 3 . Ewillix Miniature profile rail guides

Ewellix’s product range in linear systems offers both linear slides and linear modules, each designed to facilitate precise and reliable movements in various industrial applications.

Ewillix Linear slides
Fig 4. Ewillix Linear slides

Linear slides are engineered to ensure precise movements with micrometer level accuracy for applications requiring detailed and controlled motion. They offer the flexibility of manual positioning, making them versatile for use in settings where automated control is not necessary. The product range includes various guide variations, featuring linear ball bearings and precision rails, which can be easily installed. These slides are suitable for all applications that demand uniform and precise sliding motion. Ewellix also provides heavy-duty linear slide rails designed to handle increased weight without compromising performance for environments where heavy loads are a factor.

Linear modules by Ewellix are used for movements with high rigidity, making them suitable for applications involving average to high loads. These modules are generally designed for easy installation and can be adapted for different industrial requirements, including those in conveyor technology and automation sectors. The design of linear modules is particularly beneficial for applications that must withstand moment loads, thanks to the robust structure of their guide systems. The availability of motorized versions enhance their functionality in more complex automation setups.

EwillixLinear Modules
Fig 5. Ewillix Linear Modules

Ewellix’s 7th Axis for Robots is part of their lineup designed to expand the reach and versatility of robotic systems. This product allows robots to move along an extended track, significantly increasing their operational range beyond the standard capabilities of a stationary base. The 7th Axis is ideal for enhancing the efficiency of robots in large-scale manufacturing, assembly lines, and logistics operations, where additional movement flexibility can greatly enhance productivity.

Ewellix LiftKit
Fig 6. Ewellix LiftKit

In addition to the 7th Axis, Ewellix also offers the LiftKit and SlideKit 2.0, both designed to further enhance the functionality of collaborative robots. The LiftKit increases vertical movement with a load capacity of up to 1.5 kN and speeds up to 80 mm/s, featuring a stroke up to 1,400 mm. It is compatible with major robotic brands like Universal Robots, Omron, Techman, and FANUC, and can be integrated via TCP/IP.

Ewellix SlideKit 2.0
Fig 7. Ewellix SlideKit 2.0

The SlideKit 2.0 focuses on improving horizontal mobility, supporting loads up to 10.9 kN and speeds up to 1,000 mm/s with a stroke length of up to 3,000 mm. Like the LiftKit, it integrates easily with Universal Robots and can adapt to other brands with its 14 configurable move profiles, making it highly versatile for different industrial applications.

Ewellix’s commitment to precision engineering and quality manufacturing shows up in their products. Ewellix continues to innovate and lead in the development of linear motion solutions.

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