The bearing rings are matched to each other such that a defined preload is achieved when the rings are clamped in place using a precision locknut. Contact seals protect the rolling element system against contamination and moisture. For higher speeds, gap seals can be used.


  • single row axial angular contact ball bearings: 7602, 7603, BSB
  • double row axial angular contact ball bearings: ZKLN, ZKLF
  • triple row axial angular contact ball bearings: DKLFA.

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The bearings are available with and without fixing holes in the outer ring. Bearings with holes are screw mounted directly on the adjacent construction. This solution is particularly economical since there is then no need for the locating bore that would otherwise be required or for the bearing cover with the associated matching work.

For many applications, a bearing arrangement of lower precision is often sufficient. For this purpose, bearings with less stringent tolerances are available.

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