TPI Bearings

Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd. — also known as TPI, was established in 1966 and immediately led the industry. There are three main concepts for the company: Optimism, Confidence, and Innovation – the main ideas TPI follows while manufacturing.

TPI Bearings

TPI bearing products exemplify the very core values the company stands for – Technology, Precision and Innovation. TPI brand offers high-quality bearings at favorable price points. Product offerings include deep groove ball bearings, ball screw support and angular contact bearings.

TPI Bearings​

About TPI

Being a leader in the bearing industry from the very beginning, in 1967 TPI teamed up with NTN Bearing Japan in a joint venture. NTN bearing company has maintained the arrangement and is one of the major shareholders in TPI bearing company today.TPI precision bearing company provides a broad range of standard bearings globally. TPI bearing has been recognized for quality by the following industries; electric motor, machine tools, motorcycles, power tools, home appliances, and IT.

Where are TPI bearings made?

TPI is a world class manufacturer of precision bearings headquartered in Taipei Taiwan with manufacturing ongoing in the Taoyuan and Zhongli factories both in  Taoyuan City Taiwan. The two other factories are situated in  Shanghai  China and PTI Indonesia. The TPI bearing name stands for proven quality and is recognized worldwide for quality and value.

TPI excels in the manufacture of TPI deep groove ball bearings, TPI angular contact ball bearings, TPI ball Screw bearings, TPI Fluid Dynamic bearings and TPI cross roller bearings.

Additionally, TPI  offers super precision bearings that conform to JIS and ISO accuracy standards.

TPI and PIB partnership

Pacific International Bearing’s store allows for instant purchases of TPI bearings and downloads of TPI drawings. Pacific International Bearing is an Authorized Distributor for TPI Bearings having the largest and broadest range of TPI bearings in our inventory in North America. When looking for a complete supply of TPI bearings look no further than PIB. PIB can provide a broad selection of TPI bearings from USA stock and  is a proven, knowledgeable and reliable TPI bearing supplier in the USA.

TPI products

TPI manufactures an extensive line of deep groove ball bearings. TPI manufacturers TPI deep groove ball bearings, TPI shielded ball bearings, TPI sealed ball bearings  TPI CSB bearings which are the same as the TPI standard deep groove ball bearings but have undergone a special heat treatment which considerably extends bearing wear life.

TPI expansion compensating bearings have the same boundary dimensions as the TPI deep groove ball bearings except are manufactured with a polymer material inserted in a groove in the outer ring. The TPI expansion compensating bearing allows for small differences in thermal expansion between the fitted surfaces of the high-temperature polymer and the light alloy bearing housing. The TPI expansion compensating bearing with a good interference fit can show stable performance across a wide temperature range. Another big advantage with the TPI  ECB bearing is the larger reduction in outer race creep.

TPI Bearing also manufactures AC bearings, TS bearings, low noise bearings, maximum capacity bearings, angular contact ball bearings, stainless ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and needle bearings.

TPI Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings

TPI inner and outer rings
TPI inner and outer rings

TPI manufactures to world-class standards an extensive line of TPI Angular Contact ball bearings and TPI ball screw bearings. TPI High Precision ACBB bearings are the best-value bearings in the marketplace.  TPI Super Precision angular contact bearings are manufactured to the highest standards and meet or exceed all expectations in machine tool applications.

Bearing cages

TPI steel and ceramic balls
TPI steel and ceramic balls

TPI Bearing cage materials have the strength to withstand rotational vibrations and shock loads. The TPI bearing cage materials have a low friction coefficient, are lightweight and are able to withstand bearing operating temperatures. TPI molded plastic cages are now widely used and most are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced heat resistant resin. Plastic cages are lightweight, corrosion resistant and have excellent damping and sliding properties. TPI heat-resistant polyamide resins now enable the production of cages that perform well in applications ranging between -40C-120C.

Rolling elements

TPI rolling elements are manufactured of a steel material that has the highest hardness which is resistant to rolling fatigue. TPI steel and ceramic balls have good wear resistance and exhibit good dimensional stability. The most common cause of fatigue cracking in bearings is the inclusion of non-metallic impurities:

T1 cage, designed for high speed and stable temperature rise.

T2 cage, designed for low noise.

T3 cage, designed for both low noise and high speed

What makes TPI bearing unique is their ability to deliver such high-quality TPI bearings at such a value. Compared to all of the leading brands you simply cannot purchase a better quality value than TPI. If the bearing you are looking for falls into their production range then you are able to capitalize on the great value of using TPI bearings.

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