NMB Bearings

NMB brand miniature and instrument bearings are famous worldwide for being the top product when it comes to quality, long term consistency and best value over the lifetime of the product.

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NMB Technologies Corporation

NMB (USA) Inc. (Nippon Miniature Bearing) is an American holding company that manages Minebea’s American subsidiaries.

NMB Bearings​

Company history

MinebeaMitsumi, Inc. is a Japanese Corporation, was founded as Minebea Co., Ltd. in 1951. On June 30, 2019, MinebeaMitsumi had holdings of 121 consolidated subsidiaries in electronics and machinery. NMB (USA) Inc. (Nippon Miniature Bearing) is an American holding company that manages Minebea’s American subsidiaries.In the USA NMB bearings are exclusively sold through Pacific International Bearing Sales Inc and a few other select Distributors. NMB as the USA holding company co-exists with NHBB bearing company and manufacturing in the USA.

Where are NMB bearings made?​

NMB Bearing has production plants in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, China, and the USA.

NMB Technologies plants are the most modern automated factories in the world. NMB Bearing company produces millions of miniature ball bearings monthly. NMB Bearing’s ability to produce millions of bearings repetitively of the highest quality makes them a leader in miniature bearing production. NMB’s high-volume automated manufacturing capability is just part of the NMB story. NMB bearing has invested in extensive research, development, and tool-making facilities. NMB bearing’s material laboratories are equipped and staffed to perform full chemical and metallurgical analysis on NMB bearing components. In manufacturing NMB bearings, process surveillance is maintained for all production operations to ensure that each and every NMB bearing is of the highest quality.

NMB & PIB — A 30+ Year Partnership​

NMB engineers and the experienced sales staff here at Pacific International Bearing work closely with you throughout the product-bearing development process to create customized bearings for unique applications. Pacific International Bearing offers design flexibility while keeping in mind the customer’s goals for value and maintaining quality.

NMB Miniature and Instrument Bearings​

NHBB bearing’s sister company NMB Bearing is recognized as the leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-high speed bearings which can operate at speeds up to 500,000 rpm. This capability is based on an unwavering commitment to superior bearing design, backed by cutting-edge bearing product development and a precision ball-bearing testing laboratory. The precision ball bearing laboratory is dedicated to validating new bearing retainer materials. The NMB/NHBB precision ball bearing when considered to be ultra-high speed also needs special consideration for bearing lubrication. In addition to quality and properly selected bearing lubricant, ultra-high speed bearings should also include a machined retainer from primarily material that provides lubricity. In order for NMB/NHBB ball bearings to operate at ultra-high speeds in excess of 8000 rpm, ball-bearing materials must be made from the best-bearing materials.

Miniature ball bearings are our specialty in offering NMB and others we can meet your needs when specifying NMB high-precision ball bearings in your application. Pacific International Bearing has chosen the best of the best in bearing manufacturing to offer to our customers.

NMB-bearing company has the most value, the biggest bang for your dollar, if you will.

You will get guaranteed quality by specifying NMB bearings and guaranteed support through Pacific International Bearing.

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