SKF Bearings

SKF provides unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacturing of bearings, seals and lubrication systems. PIB specifically partners with SKF to distribute its line of super-precision bearings.

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Pacific International Bearing is an authorized distributor for SKF bearings. PIB (Pacific International Bearing) specializes in stocking SKF high-precision bearings.

SKF Bearings​

Company history

SKF bearing company has impacted at least 40 different industries, supplying quality SKF precision bearings based on real life applications. SKF  engages leading bearing experts and university partners to pioneer advanced theoretical research and development in areas including tribology, especially pertaining to SKF bearings. Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. SKF understands the principles of friction and is constantly improving on SKF-bearing friction properties.

SKF bearings have high running accuracy, high-speed performance and high system rigidity, SKF super-precision bearings are ideal for machine tools and other precision applications such as rolling mills, racing cars, and marine vessels. SKF bearings also minimize noise, vibration, and heat generation.

With the widest assortment available, SKF gives a choice of bearing precision to suit your specific performance needs. Pacific International Bearings is an authorized Distributor for SKF  and offers bearing customization and global access to SKF’s application knowledge.

Where are SKF bearings made?

SKF bearings are manufactured in bearing factories located around the globe. Since 2005 SKF bearings has worked to reduce the negative environmental impact of operations. SKF bearings continuous technological development resulted in the SKF “Beyondzero”  portfolio of products which improve efficiency and reduce energy losses.

​SKF&PIB partnership

Pacific International Bearing as an authorized distributor works with SKF’s Technical and logistics systems and SKF application experts to deliver a valuable mix of SKF products and application knowledge to SKF customers in the USA.

Also, both SKF and Pacific International Bearings objective is to help customers improve productivity, minimize maintenance, achieve high energy and resource efficiency and optimize designs for long service life and reliability.

SKF products

SKF has been an engaged partner and supplier to the machine tool industry for decades. The company operates hundreds of machine tools in SKF’s own manufacturing facilities worldwide. Also, SKF understands the machine tool industry’s technical challenges.

Many types of SKF bearings are available from PIB inventory. A complete SKF super precision bearing stock is located in Union City, California where product can be shipped from any one of 3 major international airports within a 30-mile radius from us. PIB stocks the standard assortment of  SKF super-precision bearings strictly used in machine tool applications.

SKF is capable of customizing bearing arrangements, altering preloads, and adding customer grease to SKF bearings. SKF precision bearings sizes that can be customized in the SKF North Charleston facility range from 40 mm-300 mm OD. SKF can supply specific tolerances on the bore and outer diameters, matched sets of bearings with different contact angles, special preloads, special axial clearances, individual filling grades, measuring reports, and special packaging. All SKF super-precision bearings are backed by a full SKF warranty.

SKF’s comprehensive and Quality offerings have allowed SKF to become the largest and most admired company in the bearing industry. Other bearing products such as SKF ball bearing units, SKF roller bearing units, SKF split pillow block and SKF accessories are available from SKF bearing stock.

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