Aetna Bearings

Aetna Bearings is a specialized manufacturer of anti-friction bearings with particular expertise in thrust ball bearings and clutch release bearings.

Aetna Bearings

Aetna Bearings

For over a century, Aetna Bearings has been a USA based bearing manufacturing company of high quality bearings. The company focuses on quality, innovation, and superior customer service. Aetna offers bearing solutions to a diverse set of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial.When Aetna Bearing Company opened its doors on July 11, 1916, every product and all the company’s core beliefs were based in delivering a quality product.

About Aetna Bearings

In 1916 Aetna Bearings embarked on its journey with a singular focus: to offer premium-quality bearings to a diverse global customer base. Over the years, Aetna has achieved numerous milestones including its first patent in 1933, US Patent Number 1,958,725. From those early days, the company has consistently prioritized innovation, working diligently to solve customer-specific issues. Aetna remains a name synonymous with quality, service, and innovation, upholding its stellar reputation each day.

Aetna Bearing Products

Aetna Bearings specializes in the production of Clutch Release Bearings, a critical component in the engagement and disengagement of gears within clutch systems. These bearings are particularly designed for smooth operation and long-lasting durability, making them an ideal choice for various automotive applications.

Each part number corresponds to a specific bearing design, with variations in dimensions, materials, and load capacities to meet different operational requirements. Customers can consult Aetna’s product catalog for more in-depth information and specifications.

Aetna’s Thrust Ball Bearings are engineered to manage axial loads effectively, ensuring efficient operation in various applications that require high-speed movement. Unlike other bearing types that can handle both radial and axial loads, thrust ball bearings are specialized to manage loads that are parallel to the shaft. This specialization allows for the design to focus on high-speed operability, reduced friction, and optimized load distribution.

The manufacturing of these bearings includes the use of high-quality materials like chrome steel, which adds to their durability and lifespan. The bearings also undergo rigorous in-house testing to make sure they meet Aetna’s stringent quality standards.

ABMA Inch Thrust Ball Bearings

Aetna Bearings offers a line of ABMA Inch Thrust Ball Bearings. These bearings are engineered for high-speed applications and are made from durable materials like chrome steel to ensure long-lasting performance.

Aenta Products

Aetna Bearings’ Thrust Ball Retainers, often referred to as cages, serve the essential function of maintaining the proper spacing between the rolling elements of the bearing, thus ensuring a balanced distribution of loads and minimizing friction.

Aetna bearings are available from Pacific International Bearing Sales. Please contact us at [email protected].

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