Alinabal Bearing

Alinabal consistently upholds an industry-leading position in the engineering, production, and distribution of rod end bearings and motion transfer systems, emphasizing stringent quality standards.

Alinabal Bearing

Alinabal is primarily known for standard rod ends having well over 1000 different part number configurations, female or male types, high tensile stud or sintered bronze oil impregnated ball, left hand and right hand offering plating for corrosion resistance.

About Alinabal

Alinabal developed as a diversified bearing manufacturer beginning in 1913 when it supplied laminated materials for the Model T Ford.

Today Alinabal has evolved into a leading manufacturer of products ranging from precision stampings and assemblies, spherical rod end bearing and linkage assemblies, to special purpose printers, aircraft instrumentation, and advanced laser shutters. For our purposes, we view Alinabal as one of the premier manufacturers of Rod Ends and Rod End assemblies.

Alinabal has over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space in four state of the art facilities, employing over 400 people. 


  • Rod Ends

Choose from the high strength two piece ”A-series” rod end line as shown above or the most popular construction, ”P-Series”.  Alinabal rod end bearings has a patented high strength NYLOY race self wiping seal function or our three piece oil impregnated bronze race option called the ”V-series”. Alinabal is a time tested, proven product. Let our team assist you in selecting the best Rod End for your application. 

  • Connecting linkages

Every customer has specific applications and needs. Over the years, Alinabal has taken the standard rod end application and developed thousands of unique linkages and custom assemblies. Alinabal provides fixed length, adjustable, straight, or bent, with or without misaligning features. Alinabal Motion Transfer Devices can fulfill your connecting needs. Alianbal has impressive in-house capabilities and decades of experience in welding, forming, milling, machining, and molding.

Connecting linkages
  • Spherical Plain Bearings

Alinabal offers both standard and special plain spherical bearings covering sizes from 0.50” to 4.75” Outside Diameter. Alinabal offers Teflon or molded NYLOY races, lubrication grooves, and unique metals. Alinabal uses a wide variety of materials to deliver performance. 

In summary, Alianabal is a leader in the bearing industry for manufacturing quality Rod Ends, Rod End Assemblies, and Plain Spherical bearings.

Alinabal’s sheets and shims are engineered with keen attention to thickness accuracy and material consistency. Depending on the application, various materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper, and specialized alloys are employed. Through high-precision machining processes, these components are ensured to have flat surfaces, consistent dimensions, and the requisite durability to withstand the stresses of their intended application.

  • Precision Stamping

Alinabal’s advanced stamping capabilities encompass a range of techniques including progressive stamping, deep drawing, and fine blanking. With a suite of stamping presses and dies, they produce components that have tight tolerances and refined finishes. Every stamped part undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure it meets the exact specifications and is free from defects. The ability to produce such precision-stamped components places Alinabal at the forefront of industries that require intricate and reliable metal parts.

  • Prototypes & Short Runs

Understanding the evolving needs of industries and the importance of rapid product development, Alinabal offers specialized services for prototypes and short production runs. This service is pivotal for companies in the R&D phase or those looking to test new product concepts in real-world scenarios. Leveraging advanced CAD/CAM systems, rapid tooling methods, and CNC machinery, Alinabal ensures that prototypes maintain the same precision and quality as mass-produced items. This agility in transitioning from prototyping to short-run production without compromising on accuracy or quality sets Alinabal apart in the industry.

  • Custom Laminations & Stack

In applications where electromagnetic motors or transformers are involved, custom laminations play a crucial role in improving efficiency and reducing energy losses. Alinabal’s expertise in custom laminations and stacking ensures optimized magnetic properties and reduced core losses. Using high-grade electrical steels and precision cutting techniques produces laminations with minimal burrs and exact dimensions. These laminations can then be stacked in specific configurations, adhering to precise alignment, and ensuring optimal performance. Through proprietary techniques and expert engineering, Alinabal ensures that these custom laminations and stacks meet the demanding requirements of modern electromagnetic applications.

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