Aurora Bearing

Aurora Bearing Company specializes in the production of rod end and spherical bearings used in a wide array of applications. Known for high-quality products and customer service, Aurora caters to industries from machinery to aerospace, offering both standard and custom spherical rod end bearings.

Aurora Bearing

Aurora Bearing

Aurora Bearings is a rod end manufacturer specializing in rod ends and spherical bearings. Since its inception in 1971, the company has consistently delivered high-quality products combined with competent customer service. With a firm foundation of experienced professionals in the bearing industry, Aurora Bearings quickly became an influential player in the rod end sphere. The company is recognized for its sophisticated technology, deep engineering expertise, and a commitment to quality and service.

About Aurora

In 1971 a team of experts with vast experience in the rod end and spherical bearing sector established Aurora Bearing Company. Within a short span, the company managed to etch its mark on the industry. Their introduction of the 2-piece design CM/CW series rod ends was a breakthrough that made Aurora a household name in the U.S. market. Although the design concept wasn’t new, it was Aurora’s impeccable engineering and manufacturing prowess that transformed it into a commercially viable product. This innovation is now the standard in the U.S. market and is offered by almost all rod end manufacturers.


Aurora Bearing offers an exhaustive range of standard rod end and spherical bearings. In addition to their standard offerings, they excel in designing and manufacturing spherical bearings for specialized applications. With a global marketing reach, Aurora relies on  Distributors like Pacific International Bearing Sales which aid in offering effective solutions to any challenges related to rod end and spherical bearing applications.

The company uses both 2-D CAD packages and advanced 3-D modeling to design parts tailored to specific needs. Their manufacturing facility boasts advanced machinery like CNC lathes, hydraulic presses, and laser markers, ensuring precise production. Quality assurance plays a crucial role, employing tools like coordinate measuring machines (CMM), optical comparators, and various testing machines to ensure the delivery of premium quality parts. The Quality Management System of Aurora Bearing Company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 (with design).

Aurora Bearing Company additionally has provided solutions in motion transfer for customers in the following industries: trade shows and exhibitions, aerospace, military, motorsports, marine, transportation, attractions, and packaging.

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