BSQ Linear

Pacific International Bearing Sales Inc USA brings to market the BSQ Linear product line made in Korea. BSQ is a quality and price competitive brand and a value alternative to other manufacturers of Linear such as CPC, IKO, NB, THK, Hiwin and others.

BSQ Linear

BSQ Linear has been a key manufacturer in the linear motion system industry for decades. BSQ Linear is known for a forward-thinking approach and continuous innovation, BSQ Co., Ltd. is known for creating highly precise and quality motion systems. BSQ Linear has a focus on meeting the demands of modern factory automation and advanced equipment production with reliability and expertise.

Company History

BSQ Co., Ltd. distinguishes itself through a relentless drive for innovation and a pioneering spirit. At the heart of the company’s expertise lies advanced production technology, application know-how, and ultra-precise machining capabilities.

The company’s pursuit of technological advances is ongoing, ensuring the continuous development of a diverse array of linear motion guide devices. BSQ Linear is recognized for its specialized technology and value.

BSQ Co., Ltd.  offers linear solutions in factory automation and parts materials, developing and providing essential components for critical sectors such as semiconductor fabrication and medical device manufacturing. BSQ is recognized for bringing to the international stage both conductive polymer materials and premium products proudly made in Korea.

BSQ Bearings Products and Services

BSQ Linear offers a comprehensive range of linear motion products designed to meet a wide variety of industrial requirements. At the heart of the product range are the Linear Guides, Miniature Linear Guides, Cross Roller Guides and Cross Roller Slide Guides, each meticulously engineered to provide smooth, precise motion control in a wide variety of applications.

Linear Guide

BSQ Linear’s Linear Guides are precision-engineered for optimal linear motion. Featuring model series MCS-N and MCS-SN, these guides are designed for four rows of steel balls in two-point contact with the rail groove, ensuring smooth and indefinite linear motion. Models such as the MCS 15N and MCS 35 SN support various load ranges.

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Miniature Linear Guide

The Miniature Linear Guides, including the MCM and MCM-L series, are compact motion devices, offering lower friction and higher precision than traditional LM Guides. These models are particularly suited for applications demanding long-term accuracy and quiet operation at high speeds, finding their place in sectors such as LED and OLED manufacturing, semiconductor production, inspection equipment, and medical devices. Models range from MCM 5 to MCM 15L, catering to a variety of size and load requirements.

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Cross Roller Guide

BSQ Linear’s Cross Roller Guides exemplify low-friction, non-circulating linear motion devices. They incorporate a roller cage intersected at regular intervals to increase the contact area of precision rollers, precision-molded, and ground to a 90-degree V-groove for the raceway. Models in this category, such as the JV and JW series, are designed to eliminate the gap using a rolling chain roller or by applying a preload, offering unparalleled robustness and precision suitable for a wide range of precise operations. These guides boast calibrations for device combinations of 5 to 10 µm and cross roller bearings calibrated to less than 2 µm, demonstrating  BSQ’s commitment to precision.

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