Carter bearings

Carter Bearings specializes in the production of precision standard needle bearing cam followers and cam yoke roller bearings. Carter bearings are commonly specified for both standard and niche applications across multiple industries including chemical, food processing, and industrial packaging.

Carter Manufacturing Company

Carter Bearings

Operating out of Grand Haven, Michigan for over half a century, Carter bearings is committed to delivering superior quality products. This commitment extends to an integrated approach in which sales, engineering, production, and inventory operations are all housed under a single roof. Such synergy enables the company to maintain some of the industry’s fastest lead times for custom bearings. Carter needle bearing cam followers are available as sealed bearings with a slotted head, a hexagonal socket, or a crowned O.D.

About Carter bearings

Carter Bearings has been manufacturing in the USA for more than 50 years, deeply valuing its “Made in the USA” ethos. This isn’t merely a slogan but a commitment to quality and rapid turnaround achieved through strict process control. By co-locating its inside sales team, engineering department, production facility, and inventory, Carter Bearings has positioned itself as a quick and reliable supplier in the bearings industry.

Carter Bearing Products

Carter Bearings offers a specialized range of products designed to meet the needs of varied applications. The Carter products include  Xtenda™ Stainless Steel, Carter Standard Bearings, Carter Poly Coated Bearings, Carter Neverlube™ bearings, Carter Hi-Roller™ Idler Rollers, Carter Metric Cam Followers, Carter Caged Rollers and Carter Chrome Plated bearings. Carter also manufactures custom bearings per customer requirements.

Xtenda™ Stainless Steel Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers: These are crafted for applications requiring durability and resistance to corrosion.

Polyurethane Coated Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers: These products offer additional surface protection, ideal for sensitive applications.

Neverlube™ Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers

Neverlube™ Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers: Designed for low-maintenance applications, these components do not require periodic lubrication.

Hi-Roller™ Idler Rollers: These are specialized rollers geared toward high-load and high-speed applications.

Hi-Roller™ Idler Rollers

Carter Bearings’ focus on quality, speed, and customization has made it a reliable partner for a variety of industries in need of specialized bearing solutions.

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