EZO Bearings

EZO Bearings, under Sapporo Precision Bearings Inc., specializes in ultra-precise miniature and medium-sized bearings.

EZO Bearings

EZO Bearings

EZO Bearings, the international brand of Sapporo Precision Bearings Inc., is a globally recognized manufacturer of ball bearings. SPB and EZO are known for their focus on extra-miniature/miniature/small bearings, flanged bearings, extra-thin-section bearings and large stainless-steel bearings. Originating from Sapporo, Japan, the company manufactures high-precision miniature ball bearings that are used in a variety of industries, including robotics, medical equipment, and aerospace.

About EZO Bearings

Since its inception in 1969, Sapporo Precision Bearings Inc. has been dedicated to precision manufacturing. The introduction of the EZO brand marked their foray into specialized miniature ball bearings. Through years of expansion and technological advancement, the brand has maintained a strong presence in the bearing market, reinforcing its commitment to excellence with a steadfast focus on quality control and customer satisfaction.

EZO Bearing Products

SPB, and EZO produce bearings that meet a wide range of purposes, such as low-noise bearings. SPB also produces low-dust bearings that use a fluorine-based grease/fluoro rubber seal.

EZO products

SPB manufactures a wide range of temperature bearings that use dimensional stabilization and special grease. Also available are hybrid bearings that use ceramic balls to achieve high speed and have electrical insulation properties. SPB also manufactures food machinery bearings made of stainless steel with food grade grease and special contact seals.

  • Miniature Ball Bearings

EZO and SPB’s lineup includes precision-engineered miniature ball bearings, ideal for confined spaces where precision motion is critical. These are important in miniature actuators, precision motors, and other applications where high precision in a small package is needed.

  • Extra-Miniature Ball Bearings

Designed for the smallest possible applications, the extra-miniature ball bearings offer high precision in compact form. These are essential in smaller devices where every millimeter counts, such as medical instruments and miniature robotics.

  • Thrust Ball Bearings

Built to handle axial loads efficiently, EZO SPB’s thrust ball bearings are utilized where axial loads are present. They are ideal for applications from consumer electronics to industrial machinery that require robust load management in a single direction.

  • Precision Angular Contact Bearings

EZO, SPB Miniature Precision Angular Contact bearings are engineered for applications demanding high precision, such as CNC machinery. Angular Contact bearings are designed specifically for handling combined radial and axial loads.

  • Flanged Ball Bearings

Offering a simplified assembly solution, flanged ball bearings come with an integral outer ring flange, securing the bearing within its housing or on the shaft. This design is often utilized  in conveyor systems and precision applications and is often designed so as to facilitate easier mounting.

  • Extra Thin Type Bearings

For applications where a narrow envelope is required, extra thin type bearings provide the slimmest profile without sacrificing performance. These bearings fit into applications with minimal radial space, offering a high-precision solution where standard bearing profiles are too wide.

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