FK Bearing

FK Bearing is a USA based Manufacturer of rod end bearings, spherical bearings, and related accessories for the performance racing, aerospace, and industrial markets.

FK Bearing

FK Bearing

FK Bearings Inc, headquartered in Southington, Connecticut. The company has a commitment to quality. FK is ISO 9001 approved for a quality management system.

FK Bearing Company History

Beginning in 1983, FK Bearings Inc. has been manufacturing quality rod end bearings, spherical bearings, and accessories used in performance racing, aerospace, and industrial markets. The Fragola family maintains the pride of ownership, family values, and pride in quality manufacturing. FK Bearings has been delivering exceptional quality for over 35 years.

FK bearing has become a market leader in the manufacture of rod ends and offers motion control solutions for most any application. 


FK offers commercial and precision series rod ends and spherical bearings. FK products are offered in both metric and inch series as well as in a variety of materials. 

FK can produce special designs and sizes including jam nuts, clevises, high misalignment bushings, ball joints, bearing cups, seals, and protective boots.

FK rod end products provide solutions from construction and mining to automation, robotics, and automotive. Additionally, FK Bearings plays a crucial role in material handling, transportation, off-highway equipment, agricultural machinery, military vehicles, and performance racing. Their vast inventory, hailed as the industry’s largest ready-to-ship ensures that the needs of almost every industry are met with unmatched quality.

FK Rod End company is a valued supplier to the industrial and performance racing and off-road segments. FK has grown significantly over the decades. Today, with warehouses in both Indiana and California, it is convenient to purchase FK bearings with quick out of stock deliveries.

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