ISK Bearings

Starting out in Furukawa, Kawasaki-shi , ISC, Ltd., emerged as a manufacturer in precision steel ball production for energy meters and writing devices. ISC currently operates under NSK Micro Precision Co., LTD. and produces bearings in Japan but has worldwide distribution.


ISK Bearings

ISC Company, operating under NSK Micro Precision Co., LTD., specializes in the engineering of miniature ball bearings, characterized by compact design, slim profile, reduced noise levels, and extended life. ISC’s bearing product offerings include miniature precision bearings, complete bearing unit products, and linear motion products, each category featuring items designed with the same attention to detail and quality. Whether it’s the smooth motion required in linear guides or the reliability demanded of integral bearing unit products, ISC’s production philosophy is based on quality and optimal performance.

Company History

The history of ISC began in April 1949 in Furukawa, Kawasaki-shi, under the name of Ishii Steel Ball Co., Ltd.  By April 1951, ISC had broadened its manufacturing capabilities to include small ball bearings. ISC recognized the growing demand for higher precision smaller components in various machinery and devices. The same year, the company foresaw the importance of miniature bearings and embarked on research and development, which by December led to the production and marketing of their ultra-small ball bearings.
With growth and expansion, the Fujisawa factory was relocated in September 1958, marking a new chapter in ISC’s history of development. The subsequent partnership with NSK Ltd. in May 1961 fortified the company’s capital and technical sales, ensuring continued innovation and increased production of miniature bearings.
The relentless pursuit of excellence led to recognition along with Industry certifications, reflecting ISC’s commitment to quality and excellence. ISC obtained specification approval from the Ministry of Transportation Aviation Bureau in December 1967. ISC has earned ISO certifications for its products and operates its factories dedicated to environmental considerations for all processes. 
The company’s growth necessitated the establishment of additional sales offices, first in Osaka City in April 1972 and then in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, in December 1979. The increasing demand led to the establishment of NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary, emphasizing ISC’s significant role in the precision miniature component and bearing industry.
Renamed NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd. in October 1979, ISC commemorated its 30th anniversary with a commitment to continue advancing its technological edge and market reach. This dedication was further recognized through various certifications, including the prestigious IATF16949 and ISO45001, underscoring ISC’s position as a leader in the precision manufacturing sector.

ICS Companies Products

ICS Companies Products offer an extensive range of precision-engineered bearings, tailored to meet the demands of numerous industrial applications.
ISC Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings are designed with raceway grooves for both radial and axial load support, facilitating high-speed rotation with minimal noise and vibration. ISC specializes in higher precision miniature bearings.
Available in inch and metric dimensions. Inch series Part numbers start with the smallest size R09 and continue with part numbers R0, R1, R1-4, R133, R144, R2-5, R2-6, R2, R2A, R155, R156, R166, R3, R168, R188, R4, R4A, and R1810.
Metric series Part numbers start with the smallest size 681 and MR31and continue with 691, MR41X, 681X, 691X, 601X,682, MR52B, 692, MR62, MR72, 602, 682X, 692X, MR82X, 602X, MR63, 683A, MR83, 693, MR93, 603, 623, 633, MR74, MR84, 684A, MR104B, 694, 604, 624, 634, MR41MR74ZZ, MR84ZZ, 684AZZ1, MR104BZZ, 694ZZ, 604ZZ, 624ZZ1 and 634ZZ1.
Pacific International Bearing offers miniature bearings.
ISC offers Deep Groove Ball Bearing with a Flanged Outer Ring that simplifies the assembly process, allowing for accurate processing of through-holes without necessitating a step on the inner bore, thus ensuring high precision in fitting.

Thrust Angular Contact Ball bearing
Fig 1. ISC Thrust Angular Contact Ball bearing

ISC Thrust Angular Contact Bearing croxy leads the market with its angular contact design for the JIS 69 series. It offers an impressive three times higher axial stiffness compared to standard bearings and comes maintenance-free with high-quality grease filling. High Anti-Corrosion Bearings like the CASSTOP utilize TBN-6H, a unique material with superior corrosion resistance, optimal for harsh environments like saltwater, and high-acidity conditions. These bearings are treated for exceptional hardness and designed for high load resistance.

ICS Companies also boasts the World’s Smallest Class Mass Production Deep Groove Ball Bearings, demonstrating superior precision and low noise, meeting international standards.

ISC Extra-Thin-Section Deep Groove Ball Bearings are engineered for equipment where space is at a premium, reducing size and weight without sacrificing performance.

Extra-Thin-Section Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Fig 2. ISC Extra-Thin-Section Deep Groove Ball Bearing

ISC Thrust ball bearings with groove. You can find these bearings starting with part numbers F3-7M, F3-8M, F4-9M, F4-10M, F5-10M, F5-12M, F6-12M, F6-14M, F7-15M, F7-17M, F8-19M F9-17M, F9-20M ending with  F10-20M for sale at Pacific International Bearing Sales Inc.
Go to Thrust Bearing products at the PIB Sales website. To buy ISC brand miniature thrust bearings.

Thrust Ball Bearings
Fig 3.  ISC Thrust Ball Bearings

ISC Thrust Ball Bearings are ideal for low-speed rotation, handling axial loads in one direction with a design that minimizes friction torque.

ISC Pivot Ball Bearings, with their conical section and small pitch diameter, are perfect for applications requiring precision and reduced friction torque.

Pivot ball bearings
Fig 4. Pivot ball bearings

ISC Unit products are Unit products assembled with miniature ball bearings and precision machined parts.
ISC Unit products with high quality and low cost are developed by selecting the most suitable bearing, and designing the structure to maximize performance, resulting in a high-precision assembly. Contact Pacific International Bearing Sales for customized solutions using ISC bearings.

Follower Unit Product
Fig 5. ISC guide follower Unit Product

Additionally for specialized applications, ICS offers Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Extended Inner Rings, which simplifies surrounding design and assembly. ISC also offers Dental handpiece High-Speed Bearings that are developed with materials chosen for ultra high precision and performance.

In summary, ISC or NSK micro precision bearings are made in high precision. If you require abec 7 bearings in miniature envelopes ISC provides a very extensive offering of bearings.
For expert assistance in selecting the right bearings for your application and support in placing an order contact PIB Sales or [email protected].

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