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Rexnord Bearing Company is a leading manufacturer in bearings and related power transmission products used in demanding industrial applications.

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Rexnord Bearings

Rexnord Corporations is separated into two main divisions. The first is the process and motion control division whose focus is on industrial drives, gears, bearings, conveying systems, electronic controls, and airplane mechanical parts. The second division focuses on water management supplying plumbing and related components for commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional applications.

About Rexnord Bearing

Founded in 1891 as a  Milwaukee Wisconsin based company and was originally established as Chain Belt Company. Currently sales worldwide are estimated to be in excess of 2 billion USD.

Rexnord is widely known for its quality and very robust products. Rexnord’s products are generally intended to be used in medium and heavy-duty applications. Applications range from automotive, air handling, aerospace, food and beverage, cement, agriculture, energy, construction, technology, mining, military, and healthcare. 

Rexnord Bearing Products

Rexnord is a huge company having acquired multiple high profile brand names in the bearing and power transmission arena. Below are many of these key brands offered through the Rexnord portfolio of brands.

  • Rexnord Brand Power Transmission (PT) keeps industry moving with a broad portfolio of products including gear drives, bearings, couplings, industrial chain, brakes, and a wide range of conveyor components. Within its product offerings, Rexnord has specialized lines catering to specific needs. The PT Select brand is an off-the-shelf, high-quality bearing line designed to meet daily customer needs. The Link-Belt line stands as Rexnord’s high-performance, reliable range of bearings that has earned its status as a workhorse in the industry. Lastly, the Rex line is a highly customizable solution for many unique and challenging applications.
  • Rexnord Brand Aerospace. Industry leader in aerospace bearings, seals, electrical components and gears.
  • Autogard. Autogard designs and manufactures mechanical torque limiters and flexible couplings for use in industrial power transmission systems.
  • Berg. WM Berg supplier  of miniature precision mechanical components. Berg parts are used in robotics, dental instruments, laser printers and numerous other micro bearing applications.
  • Browning Browning® Pulleys, V-belt drives and bearings are part of a  broad spectrum of power transmission products including gearing, couplings and other drive components available through Distribution serving many industrial applications.
  • Cambridge. Cambridge is the largest manufacturer of metal conveying and engineered woven mesh solutions used in food processing and industrial markets, filtration.
  • Centa. Centa is a leading manufacturer of torsionally soft couplings, mainly used in marine, industrial and wind applications.
  • Duralon. Duralon manufactures non-metallic bearings of a high and consistent quality and performance that simply cannot be duplicated with individual part processing.
  • Durst® gear drives and transmissions provide solutions for specialty vehicle equipment used in  forestry, mining, construction, and agricultural applications.
  • Euroflex. Euroflex is a leading supplier of high performance disc couplings, used in power generation, gas compression, and industrial process machinery applications. Founded in 1991, Euroflex is known for engineering and product quality focusing on OEM customer applications.
  • Falk. Falk industrial mechanical power transmission provides high-quality, reliable heavy duty products for over 100 years.
  • Foote-Jones. FOOTE-JONES® helical, parallel shaft and spiral bevel gear drives are instrumental in  applications for paper making equipment, rock crushers, forestry and mining equipment.
  • Grove Gear. Grove Gear®drives manufacture industrial-duty gear reducers and gear motors. Grove Gears products include worm speed reducers and ratio multipliers to lead the power transmission industry in performance, cost savings, and reduced downtime.
  • Highfield. Highfield is a global manufacturer of high-quality security systems for the electric, gas and water utility industries. Highfield’s complete line of locking devices and hardware provide their customer’s need for security, safety and maximum protection against meter tampering and theft of service.
  • Hub City. Since 1892, Hub City® manufacturers industrial-duty gear reducers and gear motors . Hub City has  been known for leading edge technology and exceptional engineering capabilities.
  • Jaure. The Jaure® flexible couplings and transmission products have been around since 1958. Jaure provides solutions for the most demanding applications in various  industries..
  • Kop-Flex. The Kop-Flex® products provide industry with leading solutions such as the evolutionary High Performance Disc 2.0 coupling, torque monitoring systems, and patented ground bearing technology.
  • Link-Belt. Link-Belt manufacturers heavy duty bearings and chain.
  • McGill. McGill unmounted bearings have been around for more than 100 years. McGill is an American Bearing Company widely accepted for quality. McGill bearings provide solutions to a wide variety of industrial applications.
  • Milwaukee Gear. produces industrial motors  in over a thousand configurations, and have output ranges from 1/12 to 6,000 HP, with a variety of enclosures and accessories like blowers, brakes, and encoders.
  • Morse. Morse® chain drives, mechanical clutches, worm gears and couplings have kept America rolling for over 125 years. Morse products are synonymous with American quality and found in the most demanding applications
  • Rex. Rex manufacturers quality gears, industrial chain, bearings and couplings widely used in Industries most demanding applications.
  • Rollway. Rollway® bearings are known for providing high quality standard and metric bearings to a wide array of OEM and end users for over 100 years.
  • Sealmaster. Sealmaster® are high quality mounted bearings spearheaded by the Sealmaster Gold Line. Offering a broad selection of stock sizes, Sealmaster bearing products are  available in a wide selection of standard and  custom designs.
  • Stearns. Stearns is a leading manufacturer of spring-set electrically set motor brakes.
  • System Plast. The System Plast® brand is a global leader in high quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and industry-leading conveying components. 
  • Thomas. Thomas manufactures disc couplings and is known for design innovation, modern materials and lean manufacturing processes.
  • Tollok. Tollok manufactures highly engineered shaft locking devices for the power generation and process industries. Tollok is highly regarded and widely specified for general industrial applications.

Rexnord has always led the market in offering reliable bearing solutions to heavy industry. With over 130 years of experience and commitment to excellence, Rexnord is a trusted name among customers and Distributors. Through strategic investments in research and development, Rexnord has continued to achieve new milestones in bearing technology.

Rexnord products  enhance the reliability of equipment and duly  support industries such as transportation, mining, energy, food & beverage.

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