SBC Linear Rail System

SBC Linear Rail System, founded in South Korea, specializes in offering comprehensive Total Linear Motion Solutions. The company is dedicated to engineering and supplying an extensive range of linear motion components, including ball, roller, robot carrier guides, and ball screws.

SBC Linear

SBC Linear

The journey began in 1989, initially focusing on the import and sales of essential manufacturing industry items like motors and sensors. At a time when the global market was dominated by German and Japanese firms, Korea’s reliance on imported linear motion bearing systems highlighted the pressing need for localization in this sector to foster national development and reduce costs for domestic companies. Despite the absence of initial determinants for the localization of linear motion systems, SBC Linear took a bold step in 1993 to begin developing domestic capabilities in this field.

About SBC Linear Rail System

By 1996, SBC Linear had achieved a successful production launch of linear motion systems, marking a historic first in the Korean industry. This breakthrough not only underscored SBC Linear’s commitment to innovation but also positioned the company as a pioneer in the field, setting the stage for the continuous development of cutting-edge products. Over the years, SBC Linear’s relentless pursuit of excellence has been recognized through various accolades, including the 44th export day Award for ten million dollars in exports and the designation as an industry with excellent technology by the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund. These achievements reflect the company’s ongoing efforts to lead the global market with innovative and outstanding products.

SBC Linear Products

High load and moment capacity with smooth running are the main features of SBM series.

Liner Long Type Miniature
Fig 1. SBC Standard/Long Type Miniature SBM/SBML

Ball Guide Series

(SBI-FLS/FL/FLL, SBI-SLS/SL/SLL, SBI-HLS/HL/HLL, SBI-CLS/CL/CLL, SBI-FV, SBI-SV): Engineered for smooth motion, these guides offer high rigidity and are capable of handling large loads from all directions, ensuring versatility and reliability across a wide array of applications.

Ball Guide Series
Fig 2. SBC Heavy Load Flange Type SBI-FLS/FL/FLL

Smooth motion with a large permissible load and High rigidity in all directions are the main features of SBI series.

SBR Roller Guide

(SBR-FL/FLL, SBR-SL/SLL) is specially engineered for applications requiring high rigidity and substantial load capacity without sacrificing operational smoothness. These characteristics are critical in machine tool applications where precision and durability are paramount. The SBR series excels in environments that demand the utmost in performance, offering an unparalleled blend of strength and smooth operation. Its design is focused on minimizing friction and wear, thereby extending the lifespan of the guides and the machines they are part of. This series is the go-to choice for manufacturers seeking to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their equipment.

Roller Guide
Fig. 3 SBC Roller Flange Type SBR-FL/FLL

SBR linear roller rail system is specialized in high rigidity and load with outstanding running smoothness. Widely used in many machine tool applications.

SBM Miniature Guide

(SBM/SBML, SBMW/SBMWL): The SBM series is designed to provide high load and moment capacity, suitable for applications where precision and compact design are critical.  The SBM series stands out for its ability to combine compactness with high-performance capabilities, offering an efficient and reliable solution for miniature motion systems.
Each product line within SBC Linear’s range is the result of extensive research and development, aimed at addressing the specific needs of various industries. From heavy industrial use to precision applications in cleanroom environments
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