Schatz Bearing

Schatz Bearing is a renowned manufacturer of precision ball bearings and related components, catering to industries like aerospace, defense, and industrial automation.

Schatz Bearing

Schatz Bearing

Schatz manufactures all of its bearing products in their Poughkeepsie, New York facility. From the heart of the Hudson Valley Schatz prides itself in its deep history as an American Bearing Manufacturer. Schatz craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction is its first and foremost principal. Specialty and precision bearings from Schatz are manufactured with the highest quality standards and meet ABEC 1, 3, 5, and 7 tolerances. Schatz Bearing has solidified its reputation as an industry leader, serving critical sectors such as aerospace, defense, robotics, medical equipment, and industrial automation.

About Schatz Bearings

Founded as a metal specialties shop in New Haven Ct. in 1896 by the father-and-son team of Adolf and Herman Schatz. The original company moved to Poughkeepsie in 1910 and focused on producing ball bearings for the automotive industry. The company’s rapid expansion resulted in new plants and factories being constructed in 1916, 1920, and 1936. Employment reached a peak of 1,200 workers during World War II.

Schatz Federal Bearing Company as they came to be known, supplied bearings to the automotive industry from 1910 through the 1970s. Present day Schatz Bearing Corporation manufactures bearings in smaller quantities forged of high-quality bearing steel for the aerospace, medical equipment and semiconductor industries. Schatz Bearing’s journey began with a commitment to precision and innovation. Over the years, the company has constantly evolved to meet the changing demands of technology and engineering design.

SCHATZ Products

Schatz space bearings can be used for mission-critical applications and are often specified to operate in vacuum environments.

Schatz space bearings are aerospace bearings used in reaction wheels, actuation systems, robotic arms, indexing and optical imaging applications, and gimbal instruments. Their space bearings are often used in radar systems, satellites,  and ground vehicles used in outer space applications.

Schatz Bearing Quality standards are of the highest as it must meet the demanding requirements for the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Construction & Agricultural Machinery

Schatz designs and manufactures all of its products in an AS9100 Rev D / ISO9001:2015 certified facility in Poughkeepsie, NY. Schatz is ITAR registered.

Schatz Bearing’s product portfolio includes a wide array of precision ball bearings engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern applications. These bearings are designed for exceptional accuracy, precision, and performance, making them the preferred choice for critical applications in aerospace, defense, robotics, medical devices, and more.

The company’s product range encompasses various types of ball bearings, each tailored to specific industry needs. From miniature and instrument bearings for compact applications to angular contact and thrust bearings for high-load scenarios, Schatz Bearing offers a comprehensive selection to address diverse engineering challenges.

In addition to their standard product offerings, Schatz Bearing also collaborates closely with clients to develop custom solutions that meet unique requirements. Their commitment to innovation and customer-centricity has solidified their position as a trusted partner for organizations seeking top-tier bearing solutions.

In essence, Schatz Bearing stands as a beacon of precision and reliability in the world of bearing engineering, pushing boundaries and shaping industries through its exceptional bearing products and unwavering dedication to excellence.

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