SNFA Bearings

SKF acquired SNFA SAS in 2006. SNFA was a leading manufacturer of bearings for aerospace and machine tool applications having its head office in Paris. SKF paid approximately Euros 138.5 million on a cash and debt-free basis for 100 % of the shares of SNFA SAS.


SNFA Bearings

SNFA has one manufacturing plant for aerospace bearings located at Valenciennes, outside Paris, employing 430 persons, and two plants for manufacturing high precision bearings located at Turin in Italy and Charfield in the UK. More than half of SNFA’s business is attributable to aerospace applications while the balance is aimed toward machine tool customers.

About SNFA bearings

SNFA is known for its innovative products, strong application engineering, high quality, and very competent workforce.

Since its establishment in 1952, the SNFA Group has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing high-precision Angular Contact ball bearings. The company’s dedication to innovation and research in product technology has been unwavering. Over the years, SNFA has evolved, organizing its operations around two primary markets to achieve high specialization:

Aerospace Industry: Specializing in cylindrical roller and ball bearings, SNFA has catered to the unique and demanding requirements of the aerospace sector.

Machine Tool High-Speed Spindles: Focusing on high-precision Angular Contact ball bearings, the company serves the needs of machine tool spindle manufacturing and other machine tool specialized applications.


SNFA’s High Precision Angular Contact ball bearing line is diverse, featuring bearings that vary in size from tiny 6 mm diameter bores to large 380 mm outer diameters. Adhering to international standards has been a key factor in SNFA’s development strategy, ensuring interchangeability and compliance with globally recognized specifications. The bearings are designed and manufactured in alignment with standards like AFBMA, ISO, JIS, and DIN maintaining precise dimensional tolerance and running accuracy.

Product Range and Features

SNFA has a unique part numbering system and below I will demonstrate how the SNFA part numbers equate to the standard SKF part numbering system.

SNFA Series I S O Standard (SKF)
SEA1871800 series
SEB1971900 series
VEB1971900 series
EX 10107000 series
VEX 10107000 series
E200027200 series
BS200027200 series ball screw
ED107000 series

SNFA’s  product range includes various series, such as:

SEA, SEB, EX, and E200 Series

VEB and VEX Series – specifically designed for high-speed applications, these bearings can endure high radial-axial loads and achieve high speeds.

Angular contact ball bearings, a highlight of SNFA’s range, are engineered for high performance. They are capable of handling high radial-axial loads and can achieve impressive speeds. These bearings have an asymmetrical design due to manufacturing considerations and are used in configurations of two or more pre-loaded, opposed units. This design allows for a one-piece cage with a large number of balls, ensuring high load capacity and rigidity.

BS200 and BS Special Series – with a 62° contact angle, these are designed for ballscrew support.

ED Series – these are separable inner ring bearings and are produced only on request.

SNFA bearings are available in AFBMA ABEC 7 and ABEC 9 precision classes. The “high speed” variants are offered in the “NS” configuration, which includes Hybrid bearings.

Additionally, SNFA provides BSDU, BSQU, and BSQU/1 cartridges for ballscrew supports that contain BS200 bearings.

The SNFA range’s diversity and adherence to high-quality standards reflect the company’s commitment to providing specialized, high-precision bearing solutions for various industry applications.

To learn more about SNFA /SKFbearings or purchase high-quality precision bearings, you can contact PIB Sales at [email protected].

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