STC Steyr

STC-Steyr, an Austrian manufacturer since 1922, specializing in the production of advanced rolling bearings and accessories, catering to a global clientele with a focus on precision and customized solutions.

STC Steyr

STC Steyr

STC-Steyr, established in 1922 in Steyr, Austria, excels in producing high-quality rolling bearings and accessories. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence, they have become a trusted supplier in the global market, particularly in Europe with Germany as their largest market. The Berlin office was inaugurated to better serve the German and European markets.

Company bearing Products

STC-Steyr’s extensive product range includes a variety of ball bearings known for their low frictional resistance and high durability. The deep-groove ball bearings are versatile, supporting both radial and axial loads, ideal for high-speed applications. Axial deep-groove variants are designed for axial loads, available in single or double-direction types. Their angular contact ball bearings, optimized for radial and axial loads, are essential for high-speed operations with varying contact angles.

Angular contact ball bearings
Fig.1 – Angular contact ball bearings

The spindle bearings, known for their precision, are perfect for machine tools, while the self-aligning bearings offer superior shaft alignment. Additionally, four-point contact bearings provide efficient axial load support in a compact design.

Self-aligning ball bearings
Fig.2 – Self-aligning ball bearings
Deep-groove ball bearings
Fig.3 – Deep-groove ball bearings

STC-Steyr excels in various sectors, including drive engineering, conveyor technology, pumps, and steel hydraulics construction. They offer an array of about 6,000 standard bearings and custom solutions for industrial transmissions and specialist gear units. Their bearings are integral to conveyor systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations. In the pump sector, STC-Steyr’s bearings are critical for high-performance requirements. For steel and hydraulics construction, they provide large-scale bearings to withstand extreme forces.

STC Steyr commitment to quality, combined with a strategy of tailored customer service, makes them a preferred choice in the bearings industry. For acquiring STC-Steyr products PIB Sales offers a comprehensive selection, facilitating easy ordering and access to their exceptional range of products. Contact us at [email protected] and our specialists will answer all your questions and also help you to choose bearings from our catalog. For a personalized consultation or assistance with ordering, please fill out the contact us form on our website.

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