THK Bearings

THK is a leading global manufacturer specializing in linear motion systems and components. THK’s unique technology made them a leader in Linear Motion (LM) Guides.

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THK Bearings

THK is dedicated to innovation and has developed a wide variety of linear motion products that are integral to manufacturing processes and automation systems worldwide. With a unique technology strategy rooted in data, experience, and know-how, the company continuously expands and optimizes its product lines.

About THK Bearings Company

Established in Tokyo in 1971 as Toho Seiko Co Ltd, the company had a pioneering role in the creation of linear guides and is highly regarded in the linear supply industry. THK’s unique technology made them a leader in Linear Motion (LM) Guides. THK’s LM Guide devices are a highly specified component for use in all kinds of mechanical and electronic systems. This revolutionary product laid the foundation for THK’s rapid growth and cemented its position as an industry leader. Over the years, the company has built upon this initial success through consistent innovation and expansion into global markets.


THK stands for “Toughness”, “High Quality”, and “Know-how”. THK wants to contribute to the improvement of society and the development of industry by focusing on three principles in technology development and product manufacturing processes.

THK Key Product Offerings (LM Guide pioneers)

A machine’s moving parts are considered rolling, linear, or a combination of both.
Rolling bearings were developed over 100 years ago and rolling contact became the standard for industry. This development was essential to the Industrial Revolution. Linear motion came many years later and is considered as important or more so in the evolution of motion control. 

THK solved the problem of linear motion, previously considered too difficult. THK applied its unique technological capabilities, and in 1972, it became the first company in the world to develop and commercialize the Linear Motion (LM) Guide. 

THK linear motion systems made for rapid improvements in the accuracy, speed, and labor-saving potential of advanced mechatronic instruments. With THK’s LM Guides, machine tools and industrial robots became ultra-precise. THK’s LM guides are widely specified in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and operate in submicron units. THK LM guides are specified for use in liquid crystal manufacturing lines, railway carriages, assistive vehicles, medical equipment, skyscrapers, and amusement devices. 

Other THK Linear Motion Products

THK also manufactures the following linear products:

LM GuideBall Spline, Spline Nut Linear Bushing, LM Stroke Precision Linear Pack Cross-Roller Guide, Cross-Roller Table Linear Ball Slide, LM Roller, Flat Roller, Slide Pack Slide Rail.

THK Linear LM Guides and other THK products are available from stock from Distributor warehouses. For assistance contact Pacific International Bearing Sales at [email protected].

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