Triangle Bearing

Triangle Manufacturing Company is a USA based manufacturer of industrial bearings, spherical rod ends, Lazy Susan bearings and motor mounts. Triangle bearing ships millions of metal components & bearings world-wide.

Triangle Bearing

Triangle Manufacturing Company specializes in the production of bearings. Triangle Manufacturing makes spherical rod end bearings used in a wide range of applications including agriculture, lawn and garden, HVAC and air handling, automotive, and recreational industries. Further Triangle bearings are often specified in construction, manufacturing, pulp & paper, power generation, mining, water treatment, aerospace, quarrying and mining.

About Triangle

Around 100 years ago, Frank Sullivan decided to take a giant leap –the kind that only the entrepreneurial engineer would make. Frank left the shop room floor at  Oshkosh Truck Corp and ventured out on his own to establish Triangle Manufacturing Company in 1922.

Triangle Manufacturing Company was established initially focusing on addressing the rising demands of the various industrial sectors. As the industry’s needs evolved, so did the company, diversifying its bearing production techniques and expanding its portfolio.

Today, Triangle Manufacturing Company is a testament to adaptability and consistent growth, having navigated through a century of changes while maintaining its core focus on bearing production.

Triangle Manufacturing PRODUCTS

Triangle is an American manufacturer of industrial rod end bearings. Triangles rod end bearings are cost-effective and are low-maintenance solutions in many applications including lawn and garden, HVAC, agriculture, heavy-duty vehicles, recreational vehicles, solar, automation, conveying, food processing, and manufacturing.

In the bearing industry, Triangle Manufacturing Company stands out by providing a wide range of products tailored to meet the varied demands of these applications. Among the many products Triangle is  particularly known for their rod end products, which are crafted meticulously to provide reduced friction in various machinery applications. Triangle’s stamped metal linkage assemblies are designed with the following variation options: Bore sizes: 1/4in, 5/16in, 3/8in Spherical bearing diameters: .52 inch 1.002 inch.

Additionally, the company produces:

  • Lazy susan bearings
  • Flange bearings
  • Pillow block bearings
  • Threaded rods
  • Rod end bearings
  • Linkage assemblies
  • Motor mounts & support brackets
  • Spherical bearings
  • HVAC repair kits

Aside from their conventional products, Triangle Manufacturing also prides itself on delivering specialty bearings. These are custom-tailored solutions, developed to meet the unique demands of specific industries. In recent times, with an increasing emphasis on environmental responsibility, the company has introduced sustainable bearings. These are crafted with eco-friendly materials and techniques, yet without compromising on the performance and durability that customers expect.

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