WIB Bearings

WIB Bearings, based in Switzerland, are known for high-quality specialty precision ball bearings. Established in 1961, the company has carved a niche in developing bearings that cater to specialized industrial and commercial applications.


WIB Bearings

WIB Bearing excels in producing ball bearings that are not just products but solutions tailored to your unique application. With a dedicated team of application and design engineers WIB manufactures bearings for use in Robotics, drones, and other technologies requiring ultra-high-precision bearings. WIB bearings are manufactured to tight tolerance specifications while delivering compactness, reliability and performance.

History of WIB Bearings

Since its inception in 1961, WIB Bearings has been a stalwart in the Swiss manufacturing sector. Specializing in precision ball bearings, the company has established a robust global presence, exporting about 95% of its production to over 30 countries. This expansive reach underscores WIB’s commitment to excellence and the trust it has garnered worldwide.

Product Range and Services

WIB Bearings offers a diverse array of products, including custom sub-assemblies. WIB and PIB partner in working with customers on specialized designs and customization of bearing assemblies.

Single Row Radial Ball Bearings: These bearings are engineered to primarily support radial loads but are also capable of handling moderate thrust or combined loads. They are characterized by low noise, reduced vibration, and minimal drag torque. These bearings can be customized in terms of internal design and cage selection to suit various applications, from high-speed to high-load demands. They are available in sizes ranging from a minimum bore diameter of 3 mm to a maximum outer diameter of 47 mm, ideal for situations where compactness is essential.

Double Row Angular Contact Bearings:

Designed to accommodate axial loads in both directions, these bearings are suitable for applications requiring high running accuracy. They are excellent for handling combined radial and thrust loads and are often used in applications with high radial loads. The typical size range for these bearings includes bore diameters from 10 mm to 50 mm, providing versatility for a variety of mechanical applications.

Self-Aligning Bearings

These bearings are uniquely designed to cope with shaft misalignments and are essential in applications where misalignment might occur due to mounting errors or shaft deflection. They offer smooth operation and are available in sizes with bore diameters ranging from 5 mm to 110 mm, accommodating a wide range of industrial requirements.

Single Row Track Rollers

Ideal for linear motion or tracking applications, these bearings are designed for smooth rolling functionality. They are robust and versatile, suitable for conveyor systems and guide tracks. Single Row Track Rollers are offered in sizes with outer diameters from 16 mm to 90 mm, catering to different track sizes and load capacities.

Double Row Track Rollers

These bearings provide enhanced load-bearing capacity and stability, making them suitable for heavier-duty tracking applications. Their double-row design ensures robust support in various tracking systems. Available in sizes with outer diameters ranging from 35 mm to 90 mm, they are ideal for high-load and high-stability requirements.
WIB Bearings is committed to providing comprehensive services to ensure customer satisfaction. This includes:

  • Technical Support: WIB Bearings offers expert advice and assistance to help customers select the most suitable bearings for their specific applications.
  • Custom Solutions: Understanding that every industry has unique needs, WIB Bearings specializes in providing customized bearing solutions tailored to specific application requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: Each bearing undergoes rigorous testing and validation as part of WIB’s Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R), ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
  • After-Sales Service: WIB Bearings provides exceptional after-sales support, ensuring that their products continue to perform optimally throughout their lifecycle.

Whether you are looking for standard bearing solutions or custom-engineered products, contact us at PIB Sales. Our specialists will provide all necessary information about bearing brands like WIB and offer a comprehensive range of products.

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