Where can I buy and order high precision ball bearings?

Where can I buy and order high precision ball bearings?

30 December, 2022
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You have already done the first thing for how to find and order high precision ball bearings in finding us. Quality and Value  and reputation are the most important things in identifying a supplier. PIB offers Quality manufacturing brands , volume discounts and OEM pricing.

Manufacturing brands with implied quality is extremely important in the bearing industry.


Many of the top brands have been in existence since the inception of the ball bearing itself.

In the case of SKF this World Class bearing company was founded in February 1907 by Sven Wingquist. The invention of the double row self aligning ball bearing launched into and has grown into one of the most respected and largest bearing companies in the world.

Schaeffler Group

The Schaeffler Group of companies comprised of INA, FAG and BARDEN.

It all started with two brothers: Dr. Wilhelm (1908-1981) and Dr.-Ing. E.h. Georg (1917-1996) Schaeffler. Together, the business school graduates founded Industrie GmbH in Herzogenaurach in 1946. The shareholders’ agreement establishing the company was dated November 30, 1946. While Wilhelm Schaeffler focused on textile production, his brother Georg made a name for himself as a tireless inventor. The cage-guided needle roller bearing, for which a patent application was filed in 1950, was his idea.

RBC Bearing

Founded in 1919, RBC Bearings Incorporated is an international manufacturer and marketer of highly engineered precision bearings and products, which are integral to the manufacture and operation of most machines, aircraft, and mechanical systems, in order to reduce wear on moving parts, facilitate proper power transmission, reduce damage and energy loss caused by friction, and control pressure and flow. While RBC Bearings manufactures products in all major categories, RBC Bearings focuses primarily on highly technical or regulated bearings and engineered products for specialized markets that require sophisticated design, testing, and manufacturing capabilities. We believe our unique expertise has enabled us to garner leading positions in many of the product markets in which we primarily compete. Over the past twenty-five years, we have broadened our end markets, products, customer base and geographic reach. RBC currently has 42 facilities of which 33 are manufacturing facilities in five countries, with a global network of sales engineers, distributors, and authorized agents.


TPI bearing company offers exceptional quality along with the value you would expect.Standard TPI super-precision bearings are made from ultra-clean bearing steels. Through specific heat-treatment, followed by subzero treatment, the higher heat stability and longer service life is achieved with the result that the bearings can run permanently in many cases.

TPI has been investing many capital and resources in the purpose of crossover from radial bearings to precision bearings. In order to enhance bearings’ heat resistance and cycle life, in addition to use ultra clean steel, we also use special heat treatment to process bearings. By means of comparing data between indentation range and difference of bump volume, TPI bearing is superior to other Japanese brands.

Our machine for heat treatment process is mainly continuous furnace however in order to produce bearings for car transmission application, we also invested box furnace system. This not only helps to control quality but guarantee product stability and safety and also improve collision damages when produce large size bearings.

Recent years, to response environment friendly policy from government, TPI is continuously investing ORC system, heat recycle system, wind power system and solar power system. We hope this will be a contribution for global warming issue.

Ball Grinding

Precision steel balls are made in house and all of TPI ball precision class G10 guaranteed and G5 is optional on requests.

TPI produces steel balls and precision is the G10 class. Production history is traceable from raw material to finished product. Being quick response to expanding market demands from customers, we are supplying steel balls with stable quality and higher precision like G5 class. In addition to the same design and process from AKS, TPI keeps investing to improve manufacture process, quality, and precision as well as upgrade production capability. The main factor to affect durability is material and TPI uses ultra clean steel made from Japan for the purpose of providing a stable and durable product to customer. Recent years, TPI is aggressively to invest automated production in responding to the getting worse situation of low birth rate and outflow of talent. The taken measure is also helpful to stable quality, better precision, and assurance of delivery.

Ring Grinding

Standard TPI super precision bearings are manufactured to P4 class according to ISO 492:2002. P2 class is optional on request.

According to ISO 492:2002, TPI produces precision bearing in compliance with P4 class and we are capable to produce P2 level on request. The grinding machines are made from Germany  and Japan specially designed for high precision and high rigidity. After grinding inner ring, we use automated inspection machine. Our manufacturing capability reaches Ppk 1.66 above and precision level control is using P2 level. The purpose is to make sure each bearing is made of P4 class and grinding precision for bearing can meet P2 class.

NMB Bearing Company

In July 1951, NMB company was founded in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward as Japan’s first manufacturer specializing in miniature ball bearings. The company was formed after the war by engineers from the former Manchuria Airplane Manufacturing Company upon their return to Japan from Manchuria, and their dreams and passion were focused on the growth of the aircraft industry. Today NMB is one of the top manufacturers in the world of miniature instrument bearings used in numerous applications.

PIB Sales

PIB represents, stocks and distributes many quality brands please check the below link and contact us for assistance.

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