Angular Contact Bearings

Pacific International Bearing offers two lines of angular contact bearings, GRW and SNFA. GRW (manufactured in Germany) holds ISO 9001 Quality Certificates and has bore sizes ranging from 3 mm to 17 mm. SNFA (manufactured in the United Kingdom and Italy) holds ISO 9000 Quality Certificates and has bore sizes ranging from 6 mm – 280 mm. Both lines offer bearings in ABEC 7 and ABEC 9.

  • GRW Product Description

    GRW Product Description

    Spindle ball bearings are angular contact ball bearings which, depending on the type, have a relieved land on the inner ring (AC2) or the outer […]

  • ISO Series and SNFA Productions/Angular Contact Bearings

    View Specifications (acrobat reader required for pdfs): ISO Series and SNFA Production (PDF) SEA Series – ISO 18 (PDF) SEB/VEB/HB – ISO 19 (PDF) EX/VEX/HX – […]

  • SNFA Angular Contact Seals

    SNFA Angular Contact Seals

    The simplest of the many systems used to protect bearings during operation is the application of commercially available seals, whose rubber or similar material lips […]

  • Bearing Oil Lubrication

    Bearing Oil Lubrication

    Bearing Oil lubrication is mandatory when greasing limits are exceeded. Several different oil lubrication systems are used, the most common for machine tool being: oil […]

  • SNFA Angular Contact Lubrication

    Aims of Lubrication Lubrication reduces friction and heat generation inside the bearing and ensures the lubricant acts in the rolling and sliding areas even in […]

  • Bearing Grease Lubrication

    Bearing Grease Lubrication

    Bearing Greasing is the most common form of lubrication as it is simple and easy to use. When operation conditions such as speed, temperature and […]

  • Angular Contact Bearing Spacers

    Angular Contact Bearing Spacers

    The addition of spacers between the bearings of a set may be necessary when the following is required: increased angular rigidity by separating the bearing […]

  • Angular Contact Rigidity

    Axial Rigidity Rigidity RA of an angular contact ball bearing is the external axial load causing 1 micron displacement (daN/mm). Ra of a bearing pair […]

  • Angular Contact Preload

    Preload can be defined as axial load applied permanently to bearings to ensure proper operation under external load. Preload can be rigid, as in the […]

  • SNFA Angular Contact Bearing Limiting Axial Load

    SNFA Angular Contact Bearing Limiting Axial Load

    Limiting axial load, Pd, is the external axial load of a preloaded bearing pair or set that causes loss of contact between the balls and […]