RBC Bearings

RBC leads in the market because of high quality, unique bearing manufacturing capabilities and highly trained sales and support organization. Pacific International Bearing is an Authorized distributor for RBC Industrial bearings and stocks and sells RBC’s expansive product line.

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RBC Bearings

RBC Bearings has a long and impressive history of quality craftsmanship and innovation in bearing technology. For over 100 years, RBC has manufactured highly engineered and precision bearing products here in the U.S. and abroad. PIB stocks a wide variety of RBC Cam Followers, rod ends and other bearing products.

RBC Bearings​

Company history

Founded in 1919, RBC Bearings Incorporated is a multinational bearing manufacturing company. RBC has 34 manufacturing locations in 5 countries. RBC bearing manufactures an array of bearing types and sizes for both Industrial, Aerospace and Commercial applications. RBC aerospace bearings are used in many different aircraft applications. RBC manufactures industrial bearings used in mechanical systems of all types.

RBC is a publicly traded company on the NYSE and has grown steadily through acquisitions and organic growth. Many of the acquisitions made by RBC in the last 10 years have increased RBCs ability for products being sold to the major markets in aerospace, industrial and defense applications globally.

Where are RBC bearings made?

RBC bearings has a global network of manufacturing and distribution facilities. The company’s manufacturing facilities and distribution centers are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, and Asia.

RBC &PIB partnership

Distributors like Pacific International Bearing Inc are constantly updating customers with the  latest RBC product developments and improvements. With its unique expertise in bearings and bearing improvements RBC has enabled itself to garner leading positions in key markets.

RBC products

RBC has produced hundreds of bearing patents and has established R&D operations, constantly pushing the envelope for product improvements. RBC builds upon its reputation by designing bearing components utilizing the latest developments in material improvements.

RBC as a company strives to support highly developed and difficult designs in all segments of the market. In addition to aerospace and Industrial markets RBC is specifically used in many Defense applications.

RBC bearings are by design manufactured to reduce friction, reduce wear on moving parts, reduce energy loss and facilitate the transmission of power. RBC leads in the market because of high quality, unique bearing manufacturing capabilities and highly trained sales and support organization.

RBC will supply airframe control bearings to be used in industrial applications. RBC airframe control bearings serve a unique purpose by utilizing aircraft designs in standard Industrial applications when applicable.

RBC control bearings are lightweight, corrosion resistant, are normally supplied greased and normally sealed. RBC control bearings are lightweight and therefore can be used in numerous applications where lightweight is important such as aircraft and rocketships.

RBC is a fully vetted manufacturer of aerospace bearings. RBC’s aerospace division follows all formal documentation and aerospace quality system requirements. RBC bearings are accredited in-house by NADCAP and have all heat treat, non-destructive testing , welding and are NADCAP accredited sourcing.

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