HEIM Bearings

Heim Bearings, a subsidiary of RBC Bearings, excels in engineering high-performance bearing solutions. The company specializes in a wide range of industries such as aviation, industrial engineering and military applications.

Heim Bearings

HEIM Bearings

With a history spanning over 90 years, Heim Bearings has established itself as a leader in high-performance bearings. The company is known for its technological advancements, including the introduction of new materials like Inconel®, aluminum, Stellite®, and corrosion-resistant steels.

About HEIM Bearings

Heim Bearings was founded by Lewis Heim in 1932. Lewis Heim was not just the founder but also the inventor of the revolutionary “Heim Joint,” a rod end bearing that played a critical role during World War II. These original “Heim Joints” were integral components that supported U.S. troops, showcasing the company’s immediate impact on important engineering challenges.

In 1993, a significant milestone occurred when Heim Bearings was acquired by RBC Bearings, a global leader in highly engineered bearing products. This acquisition has helped Heim Bearings to further expand its portfolio and capabilities, benefiting from RBC’s extensive resources and expertise. The company has since continued its tradition of introducing new products to the marketplace, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of engineering and technological advancements.

HEIM Bearing Products

Industrial Rod Ends

Applications: These bearings find extensive use in various industries and applications such as Packaging Equipment, Material Handling, and Off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs. They are also pivotal in the Power Generation sectors.

Key Features and Benefits: Manufactured with Solid Performance Raceway Material, Heim’s Industrial Rod Ends offer low friction and superior conformity between the race and ball. This enhances the component’s longevity and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for demanding applications.

Industrial Rod Ends

Journal Bearings

Applications: These bearings are specially designed to function effectively in specific use cases like Packaging Equipment, Material Handling, Aircraft Passenger Door Actuation Systems, and Mechanical Lifts.

Key Features and Benefits: Journal Bearings from Heim come with a lightweight and compact design, fashioned from corrosion-resistant materials. The maintenance-free self-lubricating liner system is an added advantage, extending the operational life of these bearings.

Spherical Plain Bearings

These bearings are engineered to meet requirements in diverse applications, including Hydraulic actuators, Articulated joints, Power Generation, and Vehicle Steering Linkages.

Key Features and Benefits: Heim and RBC are known for their high load capacity, these bearings can accommodate angular misalignments and rotational movements. They are designed to withstand high alternating and shock load capacities. Materials used are corrosion-resistant, and the bearings come in both metal-to-metal and maintenance-free self-lubricating versions, ensuring extended operating life.

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