Ringspann Corporation

Ringspann company specializes in power transmission and remote control systems. Known for its innovative and customer-focused approach, the company ensures high-quality products. With a global presence, the company is committed to providing reliable technical solutions and services.


ABOUT Ringspann corporation

The company was established in 1944 in Germany, excelling in power transmission, clamping fixtures, and remote control systems. Ringspann started in 1951 with the development of mechanical actuated clutches and torque limiters. This innovation was followed by the initial production of freewheels in 1956. Over the years, Ringspann continued to innovate, introducing RIMOSTAT® torque limiters and the positive SIKUMAT® torque limiters. In 1987, further expanded technology with new force limiters and SIKUMAT® designs. A pivotal moment came in 1999 with the establishment of Ringspann Corporation in the USA, signifying its growing international presence. The company’s progressive approach continued into the new millennium with the development of components for wind turbines in 2008 and a sophisticated condition monitoring system for housing freewheels in 2019. Ringspann’s trajectory reflects its dedication to technological advancement and market responsiveness, underlining its role as a key player in its field.

Ringspann Corporation Industries and products

In the sector of industrial gears and geared motors, Ringspann stands out as a premier manufacturer. The company offers sophisticated solutions for power transmission in industrial gears, alongside producing clamping fixtures for gear wheels and parts production. This sector benefits significantly from Ringspann’s innovative approach, particularly in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of geared motors.

The mining industry relies heavily on Ringspann’s power transmission components. They provide crucial parts for belt conveyors, bucket elevators, stackers and reclaimers, bucket wheel excavators, and crushers. These components are essential for the smooth operation of mining machines, ensuring uninterrupted material movement and processing in challenging mining environments.

Ringspann Freewheels
Fig 1. Ringspann Freewheels

In material handling, Ringspann’s contributions are multifaceted. They offer solutions for cranes and lifting equipment, continuous conveyors, belt conveyors, elevators and escalators, and storage systems. Their products in this domain are designed to optimize the handling and movement of materials across various industries, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Ringspann’s involvement in energy plants includes providing components for wind turbines, hydropower plants, and power station engineering. Their products play a crucial role in supporting renewable energy sources, contributing to the development of sustainable and reliable power generation systems.

Ringspann Overload Clutches
Fig 2. Ringspann Overload Clutches

The corporation also extends its expertise to vehicle construction, offering actuating and unlocking devices, along with the production of essential vehicle parts. These components are critical in ensuring the functionality and safety of various vehicle systems.

Moreover, Ringspann has made notable strides in the e-bike drive market. The German Design Award recognizes their cage freewheels for e-bike drives in the “Excellent Product Design – Bicycles and E-Bikes” category, showcasing their commitment to innovative design and technology in emerging mobility sectors.

Ringspann Brakes
Fig 3. Ringspann Brakes

Ringspann’s dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in its comprehensive service offerings, including consultation, design, development, and production of ready-to-install components. The company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications underline its commitment to quality management and environmental standards.

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